Babak Shabani, PhD (RECS 2019)

Research Geologist, Indiana Geological and Water Survey

“I very much appreciate RECS 2019 program for the amazing week in Wyoming and would like to explain my experience from different aspects:

Lecturers: Great collection of recognized experts in the realm of CCUS and energy. Their talks were absolutely instructive. I have spent most of my career on engineering and scientific aspects of CO2 storage and CO2-EOR, but these presenters opened my eyes to the bigger picture of carbon sequestration, which indeed will affect the quality of my future research and work. I had the pleasure to talk with most of the lecturers, which was an invaluable networking opportunity.

Participants: Meeting students and early career professionals with various backgrounds was another valuable experience. We spent hours talking about our research interests and how we can collaborate on CCUS and similar projects. I have seen RECS alumni working together now as CCUS frontiers, and I believe RECS 2019 alumni will also team up soon.

Wyoming: I was amazed by the hospitality of Wyoming people. The beautiful landscape and abundant opportunities for progress in this state are very motivational. It was a unique experience for me to get familiar with wild west. I might end up moving to Wyoming in near future!

RECS Organization: Pamela Tomski is an exceptional asset for CCUS community and a wonderful role model for early career professionals. I personally learned a lot from her and couldn’t be more thankful.”